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Entertainment in Murree

New Murree is about 15 kilometer away from main Murree hills on the Lower Topa side. It is a well developed hill station with great high rised trees, beautiful hills.
One of the best parts of travel is finding all the things you can do in a new place, and Murree nightlife is a fantastic example of something to do when you are visiting the wonderful city. Although the city is better known for its daytime activities, you can find ways to entertain yourself at night if you are creative. There are many exciting pastimes including hotel fun, theatres, brewery tours, and much more. Unfortunately, there are no bars or pubs in Murree, and holders of foreign passports can only find a nightly brew at the PC Bhurban Hotel. If you happen to be booked at a resort, then there are most likely many different things you can do without leaving your resort.

Kashmir Point

When visiting this site at night, there is a beautiful sight to see; the scenic view of beautiful lights on the nearby mountains and valleys. Some believe all the twinkling lights look like stars on earth, and there is a perfect view of the lights from any place on the mountain. From the vantage of Kashmir Point, you can also see all the people walking throughout the night on the road from Gpo to Pindi Point and all the shops that are open until late at night.

Fun Hotel Amenities

Different hotels all have various things to entertain yourself with, but they all have their own charm. Most hotels within Murree host their own discotheques, including Pearl Continental Hotel, Marhaba Hotel, and Hotel Bhurban. Most hotels also include twenty-four hour swimming pools, as well as themed club houses and entertainment rooms.


This place is about twenty-six kilometers from the center of Murree. It is a resort complex that has four resorts within it: Changlagali, Khanspur, Khairagali, and Ghora Dhaka. Together, they take up over twenty-six kilometers. Some of their amenities and activities are hiking trails, riding trails, picnic spots, and a chair lift placed in Ghora Dhaka that attracts tourists and other visitors because it shows off the scenic view of Pine Hills.

Night Hikes and Trekking

Though all hiking places within Murree are beautiful and fun, there are certain places that are deemed better than others. A few places you can hike at night include Ayubia-Khanaspur, Ayubia-Changla Gali, Ayubia-Dungagali, Mushkpuri Top-Nathiagali, Nathiagali-Miranjani and Dungagali-Mushkpuri Top.

Location:  Murree
Score from reviews: Excellent 
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